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The First Forum for SMEs Suggests a 3 Steps Solution



Recommendations of the First International Forum of small and medium enterprises, which was organized by the BUC, three steps as a solution to the lack of small and medium-sized projects in Egypt, to work according to an integrated system for the administration, which will be submitted to the Council of Ministers and the relevant ministers within days.
The recommendations issued on Sunday, the establishment of a national authority for small and medium enterprises, applied the concept of one-stop, and the proposal to take over all private incorporation procedures, and evaluate the feasibility studies for the projects, micro, small and medium.

He called for development of public strategy of the state to deal with the projects, including the objectives and desired outcomes, to be linked to the National Strategy for Economic and Social Plan for the state.

The Hassan al-Qala, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Badr, that the recommendations, which also included the establishment of the Union of the year for investors in micro, small and medium industries and entrepreneurship.

The recommendations included the issuance of a unified legislation and regulations of the organization for all aspects of projects, including a standard definition, to unite the financial and administrative treatment, when dealing with financial institutions and public and private.

And it demanded the establishment of a database for small and medium enterprises and micro small and gatherings base quality branches entrepreneurs.

Turning recommendations to the importance of the role of Egyptians abroad to assist in small projects system.


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