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Starting a forum to develop small projects at BUC .. August 13

The work of the First International Forum of BUC launched for the development of small and medium enterprises, to be held by the Faculty of Business and and Economics BUC, on 13 August, in cooperation with the Faculty of Commerce at Ain Shams University, under the sponsorship of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Minister of Trade and Industry.

Dr. Mustafa Kamal head of BUC, said the first forum of BUC comes within the framework of the university’s keenness to serve the community and contribute effectively in community development in its various forms, including economic development.

It was identified theme of the forum for small and medium enterprises from future sought by Egypt’s economic situation evolving, driven by SMEs, in order to open new horizons for the development of the Egyptian experience and benefit from international expertise in this area and research in how to activate the Egyptian experience similar to the experience of developed countries, especially in Europe.

The “perfection” that the university called the forum a lot of people with expertise in the field of small and medium enterprises from some European countries to talk about their countries’ experiences and their personal experiences and compared the Egyptian experience in and out of the conference recommendations, procedures and ideas applicable for submission to the government for guide when developing a strategy Egypt to the future of small and medium enterprises.

He explained that the forum represented the first activation of the cooperation protocol between the Egyptian universities and is part of the enlightenment role of the universities of Badr and Ain Shams, and reflects their keenness to develop academic and professional frameworks to form the Egyptian experience for small and medium Parwat, and also to entrepreneurial support to see the will stated policy that the advancement of this sector is a cornerstone Almstndamh corner of the development of the Egyptian economy.

Badr University believes that sustainable development is not a responsibility of the state alone, but is a shared responsibility with the representatives of the community in business organizations and academic and research institutions, which leads the development of the communities train, but that the greatest burden in the task of developing sectors, particularly the small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship rests universities in the first place, where is developing appropriate procedures and create the environment for the promotion of small and medium enterprises sector, which in large part depends on the industries and products and feed production sector in the community.

And proven from the experiences of the leading countries in this field, the success of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship sector achieved if the activation of coordination and exchange of information between state institutions and banks on the one hand, academic institutions, universities and research institutes on the other.

For his part, Dr. Omar Etribi Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University and the Cultural Attaché of the United Kingdom previously stressed that the forum, which is held under the slogan (appreciate develop) aims to conceptualize the Egyptian nationalist vision of the future of small and medium enterprises through a combination of analysts and foreign experts.

And he was invited to the Forum a group of academics, researchers and Mufkrien Egyptians who specialize in small and medium enterprise sector, and has invited a number of experts from the countries of Italy, Scotland, China and India.

And participate in the Forum representative of the small and medium investors in Egypt, investors Small and Medium Enterprises Association, headed by Engineer Alaa Alskotai because of their experience and expertise and extensive practical SMEs.

She Dr. Rasha Hussein planned the forum, the forum will discuss over on 13 and 14 August a number of research papers and working papers of professors from the Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University spin subjects about the Egyptian experience, starting from the subordination of the Social Fund phase and the initiative of the Central Bank, as well as the development of projects axes small and medium-sized, and the incentives of financial and non-financial required to pay small businesses.

As allocates Forum special session to view the Egyptian experience offered by Alaa Alskotai Prime Investors Small Enterprises Association, and will be presented during a special session some of the leading small projects and international experience, including the Italian experience and the experience of the EU countries, which will be presented by experts from Scotland and Italy States.

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