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Ambassador of Ethiopia from BUC: Egypt and Ethiopia is one fate





As part of a visit of the ambassador of Ethiopia, to Egypt, for BUC. It is a brief summary of some newspapers on my tongue that Egypt is the gift of the Nile Yes Egypt is the gift of the Nile. And as a brief summary of Bawabet Akhbar Al Youm: I have said that Herodotus is mistaken in saying that Egypt is the gift of the Nile and Egypt is the gift of its people, I emphasize that the statement out of context. And that Egypt and Ethiopia are one people and the one roots of one fate and that Egypt is the gift of the Nile and the gift of the people and Africa and the gift of God. Sovereignty deep admiration for the university and its facilities and educational buildings and also showed he was happy to visit this wonderful and qualified educational edifice to be the castle of science in Africa. And that his visit to the university will not be the last one to BUC, but there will be more cooperation in scientific and academic fields between the university and the State of Ethiopia. This welcoming has been made of Dr. Hassan al-Qala Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Dr. Mustafa Kamal University President and Dr. Mohammed Suleiman, General Secretary and Mr. Mustafa Fahmy, head of the Badr City.

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