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Femininity and Motherhood in the work of 13 Artists Worldwide

13 participated sculptor from five countries: Egypt, Italy, Georgia, Romania, Turkey, in the first Asambouzayom to carve stones and metals Badr University, as part of the Youth Festival of the University which concluded this week’s events.

Sculptures came largely reflective of the festival “Human Egypt” logo, was of femininity and motherhood, the largest share amid artworks, Vahadjr which it adopted the Italian artist Lara sativa, brimming with motherhood in her outstanding work, which embodies the pregnant woman, but they maternity risky and surrounded by restrictions or humanitarian concerns, through clenched cords that turned around the body of the statue.

The Georgian artist Oorudion Jvelsaany direct the expression of motherhood, a statue made of stone, while Egyptians celebrated sculptors, Pharaonic civilization, and it turned out that in the incarnation of the characters such as “Horus and Isis”

Egyptian sculptor Ahmed Abdel Tawab, said that Alsemboziom, a good idea, allows the exchange of technical expertise for cultural, artistic and communicate with a large number of sculptors who have come from different cultures, and pointed out that its importance lies in the ability to perform a huge work in a public place; and then watch sculptures by a large number of audience.

“Tawab” joined the Egyptian fine movement in 1999 through its participation in the first group exhibition, and then rolled his participation in: Youth Salon, the National Exhibition of Fine Arts, Salon Art Lovers Society. In addition to his participation in some Arab and international exhibitions.

The temples of Abu Simbel, the Egyptian museums and architecture; dazzled Italian sculptor Lara sativa; so are durable to come to Egypt, to enjoy the Egyptian sculpture, according to the saying.

She studied “sativa” sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Milan, which is now studying the painting, and participated in many local and international exhibitions, but it believes that its participation in the Symposium of Sculpture on the land of Egypt, has special significance for her, and here she explained: I came to Egypt more than 15 times to visit museums Pharaonic temples of Abu Simbel. Ancient Egyptian sculpture is something impressive, and now Egyptian sculpture movement is witnessing great development; it benefits from modern schools and the movement of the global configuration.

And Romania, sculptor Paul Popescu came to participate in Alsemboziom Bmnhoth of stone favored by the rest of ores. “Popescu” says art can achieve what politics failed to achieve, we are here from different cultures and civilizations, but we do not feel any different because we are looking for common human on the land of Egypt, Her great civilization, politics and art separate us brings us together.

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