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Science, Literature, and Philosophy at Badr University

Interrelationships between science, art, literature and philosophy are the subject of the seminar held by the Badr University in Cairo and lectures in which a group of Egyptian intellectuals, on December 5 the next morning. Participate in the symposium, Dr. Amal SPI Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Culture, Dr Haitham al-Haj Ali, chairman of Gebo and Dr. Anwar succorer director of the National Center for Translation and Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation.

The seminar coincides with the Book Fair on campus involving General Book Organization and the National Center for translation.
He oversees the organization of the exhibition League Secretary General Dr. Mohammed Suleiman, held under the auspices of the university president, Dr. Mostafa Mohammad Kamal.

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