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“The Italian Architecture Heritage Conference” Organized by the Italian Language Department Students

Participated students Italian language department at the Faculty of Languages and Translation in organizing Alsemenar international work of documenting the Italian architectural heritage in Egypt, which was held on Saturday, November 28, 2015 morning Hall of the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo, where they were able to professors of architecture Italian respondents in Alsemenar interview organized by its founder Anpimid cultural dialogue Egyptian-Italian, based in Alexandria, in collaboration with the University of Florence Architecture College, it was inaugurated by Italy’s Consul General in Cairo, Egypt Alessandra Tuonato and dean of the Italian community in Alexandria Franco Greco and Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Alterhmh Prof. Mahmoud Hussein.

It is worth mentioning that the participation of students in the organization of the international scientific conference comes within the practical training of the College of Languages and Translation plan to develop students ‘ability to linguistic communication, and oversaw the students’ participation O.m.d. Lamia al-Sharif and gastrulation Nuran Salah.

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