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Workshop presentation skills presentation in the Faculty of Languages

Initiated the Faculty of Languages and Translation scientific activities and rehabilitation this year, a workshop on the skills of the presentation, which is to work in international companies and international organizations requirements.

He supervised the workshop lectured by Prof. Dr. Fatimah Tahir college attorney. And dedicated to the students of the Faculty of Languages and Translation to be followed by workshops in the same subject for the rest of the university colleges. The college plans to launch the qualifying training lab with the participation of the National Center for Translation, and is therefore Semenarat seminars and workshops will be announced in due course.

The Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kemal University President has agreed to give trainees a certificate to attend this workshop, which means being able to apprentice annexation of this session to his autobiography, and translation attend the session to the value-added practical to be configured in the Badr University in Cairo.


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