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The Armed Forces Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

with The School of Medicine

To achieve maximum fruitful cooperation in various fields, the Military Medical Academy signed a memorandum of understanding with the BUC school of medicine in the fields of education, training, and qualification of doctors and medical and health workers.

The memorandum aims to exchange visits and strengthen scientific cooperation bonds between faculty members in various scientific disciplines between the corresponding departments to acquire and exchange information and experiences in the fields of scientific research as well as coordination and mutual benefit from foreign experts when visiting any of the parties, and cooperation has also been made to train doctors and workers in the field of medical and health services in various medical specialties, as well as organizing scientific seminars, discussions, research and joint technical workshops on topics of common interest, to maximize the benefit of both sides.

This stems from the armed forces ’keenness to enhance the horizons of cooperation in the mechanisms of the comprehensive educational and research process, which will have implications for upgrading the medical level for the development of the health system in Egypt.

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