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Advancement in solving posterior composite restorations

Join us for a webinar on Nov 27, 2020 at 4:30 PM CET.

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Badr University in Cairo(BUC),School of oral and dental medicine(conservative department) announces the 1st international webinar sponsored by VOCO

Asst. Prof. in the Department of Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry at the Faculty of Dental Medicine – Lebanese University

In order to increase the success of posterior composite restorations, basic knowledge in operative dentistry, yet it is essential, is not enough. In our days, and because of COVID-19 and confinement simple cases that can be solved with a standard treatment evolve and practically need more attention and expertise to finalize a good result. When facing difficult cases, deep observation and good planning should be the major step before any treatment. Moreover, dentist should be aware of the latest facilities proposed by the evidence based science as well as the latest advancement in technology and material.
Although we have excellent product for direct composite restorations, dentists always ask for better materials with easier manipulation, faster hardening, low shrinkage or low stress. A product that gives the dentist the ability to restore cavities with the least concentration. Predicting errors such as weak contact point, deep marginal cavities, post-operative sensitivity or tooth wall failures, and especially gap formation etc. This presentation will explain technics related to composite restoration, it will also explain the properties of the material used, the advantages, indications, and the difficulties that might face the dentists during restoration and how to solve them.

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