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Full tuition for students grant conditions

  1. The student of Egyptian parents.
  2. The student should be has a high school of the Egyptian government school.
    Not be less than the total student grades than the minimum due to the College, which wants to join, or 80%, whichever is greater.
  3. The student pass aptitude tests.
  4. Reimburse the student an amount of 7,000 pounds compared to textbooks and administrative fees of all kinds.
  5. To continuing to benefit from the grant requires the continued success of a good grade at least, in the case of failure in one or more student shall pay tuition fees for the material by the university without any exemptions ratios.
  6. The exemption does not include university accommodation or bus or any other services offered by the university fees.
  7. To prove social research student grant entitlement.

Required Documents:

  1. Out of high school form.
  2. Original birth certificate.
  3. Image of Father and Mother card.
  4. Statement of social condition.
  5. The delivery of electricity and gas and water.
  6. Vocabulary salary guardian or parent, if any.
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