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European Standards Physical Therapy Education

Our students and our graduates by global standards.

D said. Adly patient Dean of the Faculty of Physical Therapy at the University of BUC .. he feels fully satisfied as an expert in physiotherapy .. and responsible National Authority for quality assurance as well as work the World Health Organization as an administrator for programs for the physiotherapist in the Middle East, Africa and Asia put .. the level of University Students Badr in physiotherapy .. where Dean Adly patient confirmed that the educational program of the Faculty of Physical therapy at Badr identical to the programs that are taught in universities and foreign countries, especially the European program.

This will be graduate in the future of work at home and abroad and in the therapeutic institutions of global standards .. The Astofiny of the first year of college and university all the standards set by the Quality Assurance Authority for the Gaza Physiotherapy 100% .. has been Acquistion of our students .. manual or manual skills therapy that it is used in the treatment of patients and therefore, a graduate of our college will be distinguished by using these skills for any other similar graduate in Egyptian universities.

This along with excellence in occupational therapy, whether this was the treatment for children or for adults and this is what is taught to students through tuition actress for five years of academic study of the program.

The expert explained d. Adly patient how to achieve excellence BUC graduate during the study .. asserting that walking on the program in the first division and Altanih the same intellectual level, which is taught to medical students studying humanitarian and medical sciences as well as the full cooperation and openness to the top schools in physiotherapy in the United States, particularly the University of California in the sense that the same as what is used by the American student of tools and devices is the same as used by the Egyptian student.

The Faculty of Physical Therapy at Badr not have private lessons are hiring private any inquiry student academic Supreme Leader during his studies.

Our graduates they be at the global level .. will Ttakatefhm all working in the field of physical therapy everywhere institutions.

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