13 hours ago

    “Siwa: Architecture of Environment & Heritage”

    The uniqueness of Siwa’s culture is accentuated by its natural heritage. Siwa Oasis has a unique vernacular architecture, built with…
    2 days ago

    The Armed Forces Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with The School of Medicine-BUC

    To achieve maximum fruitful cooperation in various fields, the Military Medical Academy signed a memorandum of understanding with the BUC…
    3 weeks ago

    School of Linguistics and Translation (SLT) Job Fair

    The School of Linguistics and Translation (SLT) Job Fair is a two-day event that provides an opportunity for endorsing and…
    Monday March 8th, 2021

    The Theoretical Exams Measures and Precautions

    The theoretical exams for the first semester – first level – School of Veterinary Medicine started on Saturday 6th March…
    Monday March 8th, 2021

    The Practical Exams Measures for the First Semester

    For the fourth consecutive day, the School of Veterinary Medicine receives its students to perform the practical exams for the…
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